Employment law

              Our employment lawyers mainly assist companies, but also act on behalf of employees. The employment law specialists are engaged in advising and litigating on a range of subjects in the field of employment law.

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              Employment law

              Employment Law lawyers

              The field of employment law is constantly changing. This specialism requires up-to-date and extensive knowledge, but above all a pragmatic approach. Our specialists are here to offer you their services and are happy to keep you informed of the most recent developments in employment law. The employment contract is central and we are experienced in advising on such issues. In case of disputes, we always look for the best solution. If litigation is necessary, we do not hesitate to pull out all the stops, with our lawyers having years of experience with individual and collective proceedings.

              The Employment Law Practice?

              Our employment lawyers focus on the following areas:

              • employment contract law; including the drafting and review of employment contracts
              • dismissal of statutory directors
              • individual dismissals
              • non-competition and restraint of trade issues
              • transition fee and equitable remuneration?
              • transfer of undertaking
              • CLA-law
              • Collective dismissals and reorganizations

              Why choose Blenheim?

              Blenheim guarantees its clients a 'full service' in its expertise and service delivery. Blenheim understands what clients need. Our specialists are known for translating complex employment law issues into useful and practical advice. We work closely together with other experts such as tax advisers, occupational health and safety services, outplacement consultants and accountants to provide the best possible advice.

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